Bawn Core Values

Our Purpose:

To decrease our client's risk of compromise to their most valuable information assets.

Our Mission:

At Bawn, we serve our nationwide clients as a trusted advisor. We help our clients identify vulnerabilities regarding their sensitive information and intellectual property. We then develop a strategy and solution implementing people, processes, and technology. Our solutions allow them to increase their ability to manage and protect their most valuable information assets. Our clients benefit by maintaining their reputation and confidentiality, reducing their operational cost, avoiding fines and lawsuits, and understanding the information security risks of both their own business and their clients.

Our Values:

We operate from a place of client focus, commitment, compassion, respect, and integrity. We are dedicated to providing fairness, quality service, and leadership that fosters teamwork, performance, and excellence for our clients.

Client Commitment - We help our clients keep their sensitive information confidential. We are committed to fulfilling our clients' requirements and developing long-term relationships by consistently delivering the highest quality expertise and services.

Uncompromising personal and institutional integrity - Integrity is the foundation of all moral character, is an essential part of any true achievement, and is our keystone principle. We cultivate an environment of honesty, sincerity, and trust in which we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We do the right thing even when it is not popular or easy. We are truthful, sincere, and candid during interactions with each other and our clients.

Excellence - We maintain the very highest standards in everything that we do. We provide needed expertise to address complex security challenges and show uncompromising dedication to our clients. We encourage continuous improvement to meet the ever-changing landscape of information security.

Compassion - In our interactions with each other, we are kind, compassionate, and empathic as we work toward our collective and separate goals.

Fairness - We are consistent and evenhanded in our policies and procedures when dealing with others. We treat others with positive regard and esteem for people of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds; and honor the achievements and qualities of others.

Teamwork - We realize that true success for our clients will only occur through teamwork. We know that people and companies are only as strong as the team around them. We work with our clients every step of the way.

Leadership, both personal and professional - Leadership is defined by courage, personal integrity, and having a vision that inspires and motivates others to grow, succeed, and become leaders themselves. We initiate action and do what needs to be done to support the team's goals.

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