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Say Hello to SPIRE

Security Performance Insurance Risk Evaluator


Save $5000 to $50,000 in security assessment costs simply by using the free SPIRE tool!

The BAWN SPIRE (Security Performance Insurance Risk Evaluator) is a proprietary tool that provided free of charge by BAWN. This tool combines, analyzes, and evaluates data regarding a user's system create a unique Risk Registry that provides a clear path for improving cyber security. The SPIRE tool is the introductory offering to the BAWN services suite, and is offered free to potential customers.  This Risk Registry is a unique and revolutionary offering within the cyber security space and is only provided by BAWN.

What SPIRE does for you:

Save Money

Cybersecurity risk assessments can cost from a few thousand dollars to well over $50,000 for small and medium sized businesses. By automating the assessment process, Bawn allows you to spend your security budget where it matters most: protecting your business.

Understand Cyber Risk

Understanding what your cyber risk and communicating it to leadership is a critical first step in protecting your organization.  SPIRE makes it understandable to business what their risk is and what needs to be done to reduce it.

Reduce Cyber Risk

The SPIRE Risk Registry presents a consolidated view of your cyber risk issues, allows you to set milestones for addressing particular issues, and track progess.

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